Quality Is Not An Act But A Habit

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Publish Date : 08/03/2015 18:05
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Quality Is Not An Act But A Habit
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We Are Expert On Spare Parts


 Sometimes  Costumers Do Not Tend To Specify Great Budget For The Generators Or Main Engine. In That Cace We Can Offer OEM Parts .

It Is Noteworthy To Mention That Even OEM Parts Provided By KianKara, Acquire Quality Standards Same As Genuine Parts.To Prove That  We Guarantee Them For A Considerable Period Of Time. In Fact This Guarantee Would Assure Our Costumers That They Can Perchase OEM Parts Without Any Doubt.

AT The End, Kian Kara Managed To Lead His Activities To Achieve Quality Management System Certificate of  ISO 9001 In 2015.