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Publish Date : 08/31/2015 15:04
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  omc2 diesel S.P.A


This Company Is Honored Being Exclusive Agent Of OMC2 Diesel S.P.A Company Of Italy , Manufacturer Of Pump , Injector And Relevant Spare parts.

Also We Have Done Our Best To Pave The Road Of Selling OMC2 Products In Iran And Also Provided Guarantee And After Sale Service For The Costumers







This Is Noteworthy That OMC2 Is One Of The Prominent Names In Field Of Manufacturing Injectors , Nozzles And Spare Parts Related To Fuel System Of Shore And Offshore Diesel Generators In Europe.



Undoubtedly Working In Every Field Is Possible For Everyone However Recognition And Endurance Are Not Easily Achievable Except With Commitment And Integrity, Relying On This Values Kiankara Is Able To Procure And Guarantee All The Spares.



 hole distortion on higher flow rates
Longer lifetime of the nozzle, due to better wear resistance

As you can surely understand, this new technology implies further and higher costs which will have a consistent impact on the prices of some of our nozzles.
Obviously, we won’t ask our customers to be alone in bearing the costs involved; OMC2 will of course take part of the costs and will ask just to partially share them.
Benefit for the end user to choose OMC2 nozzles with
Conditioning Treatment
Lower risk of cavitation damage
A constant pressure and an improved atomization for a longer time
The reduced droplet size of the spray leads to a better fuel burn and to an higher efficiency
Lower risk of spray
This price increase won’t be applied on your current pending orders.

In every quotation we will inform you in case the product you need has been produced using the new technology and you will be informed of the current price.

We are sure that this quality improvement will be able to compensate your efforts to accept our price increase.

We remain at your disposal for any further information.









Air starter         


The gali air starters are intended for use on internal combustion engines and gas turbines.
For their size and weight,these starters are extremely powerful,and additionally feature high torque, high speed low air concumption and reduced maintenance.





       Hydraulic Starter








Engines Combustion Chamber Monitoring
Pick Pressure Gauge and Diagram For 2Strok and 4Strok Engines